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Senses of Memory

From the 1st until the 30th of September, 'Senses of Memory', with work by Shigeo Arikawa and Bas Wiegmink, is on show at Galerie Helder.

Photographer and film maker Shigeo Arikawa (1982, JPN) explores the perception of images. In other words: how is it that we can perceive an image as 'real'? Arikawa manipulates his photos and plays with illusion in order to test our awareness.

Everything is possible in the paintings of Bas Wiegmink (1977, NLD). Nature attains the power to evolve. Vegetation undergoes genetic changes. Remnants of humanity indicate a certain 'civilisation'. The message could be: 'don't be afraid of the future, we will survive.'

Curious? Drop by the opening, 1st September 4-6pm!

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